Mr. Uhl to Mr. Breckinridge.

No. 12.]

Sir: Mr. Peirce’s Nos. 282 and 285, of October 23 and 26, respectively, transmitting certain official documents relating to the death of Stanislaus Krzeminski, crossed the Department’s instruction, No. 252, of October 27, which called for the report of the consul at Warsaw in the case and for corroboration of the reported fact.

I inclose copy of a letter from Mr. Willard W. Saperston, of Buffalo,1 who, writing apparently in the interest of Krzeminski’s son, Mr. S. C. Frank, asks that an effort be made to have the remains “turned over to this Government and forwarded to his family here.” You will accordingly ascertain what formalities are requisite to effect a removal of the body of Krzeminski, should his relatives or friends provide the necessary funds for the shipment thereof to this country under the supervision of our consul at Warsaw.

I am, etc.,

Edwin F. Uhl,
Acting Secretary.
  1. Not printed.