Mr. Peirce to Mr. Gresham.

No. 278.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt, at a late hour last night, of Mr. Uhl’s telegram.

In accordance therewith I have supplemented my letter of the 8th instant, to the U. S. consul at Warsaw, wherein I urged upon him the importance of forwarding all details at the earliest practicable moment, with another specially pointing out the importance of securing full information regarding the cause of Krzeminski’s death, giving also such details as to his last hours and treatment during confinement, as he is able to obtain.

I have again requested the consul to use such dispatch in forwarding this information as is consistent with accuracy.

As my predecessor in office, Mr. G. Creighton Webb, informed me before his departure, that he had learned from the minister of the interior that Krzeminski was incarcerated at Warsaw, and the news of his death comes from the United States consul in that city, it seems to me best to await his report before taking further action in this matter.

I have, etc.,

Herbert H. D. Peirce.