Mr. White to Mr. Gresham.

No. 269.]

Sir: I had but just forwarded my dispatch of this morning in re Stanislaus Krzeminski when I received a note on the subject from Mr. Chichkine, acting minister of foreign affairs.

In this note it is stated that Krzeminski having committed crime while in the police service at Sloupetz, in Poland, and having escaped trial by clandestinely leaving the Empire, was condemned in contumacy to be exiled to Siberia, and that having been arrested on March 20, last, at Petrikau, he is now awaiting a regular trial.

The note goes on to say that Krzeminski has not been sent to Siberia; that he must stand trial; but that as the crime was committed twenty-six years ago, he will probably receive special favors under the imperial amnesty of May 15, 1883.

My own impression, derived from the former communication from the minister of the interior and from this note just referred to, is that Krzeminski will be sentenced to make restitution and then, having been conducted to the frontier, will be allowed to resume his residence in the United States.

I am, etc.,

Andrew D. White.