Mr. White to Mr. Gresham.

No. 247.]

Sir: Referring to your dispatches and mine in reply relating to Stanislaus Krzeminski, arrested by the police of the government of Petrokov, in Poland, I have just secured from the imperial ministry of the interior their report, which is in substance as follows: Stanislaus Krzeminski formerly had charge of the police tribunal of the district of Sloupetz, in the government of Kalisch; was convicted of crimes committed during his police service; then fled in 1868, and was condemned in 1871 to exile to Siberia. On March 20, 1894, he was arrested by the police in the government of Piotrkow, but the tribunal of Warsaw has refrained from putting into execution the sentence against him of the year 1871, and the ministry notifies me that it will apply for the pardon of Krzeminski, under the imperial manifesto of May 15, 1883, which was, as I understand it, a sort of amnesty then granted for certain classes of crimes.

Should anything be received from the foreign office, I will at once communicate it to you.

Under the above decision, there is every reason to expect that Krezminski will be set at liberty at some day not distant.

I am, etc.,

And. D. White.