Mr. Baker to Mr. Gresham.

No. 194.]

Sir: Since my dispatch No. 179, of December 26, referring to the war between Nicaragua and Honduras, the Nicaraguan troops under General Ortiz have invaded Honduras and are reported to have taken [Page 445] several places in the south of that country, among them Corpus, Yuscarán, Cholutua, and Nacaome.

It is also reported that they have suffered two defeats, one at the Robreral, another at Santa Maria.

President Vasquez is supposedly intrenched at Cerro de Hule, a mountain pass in the neighborhood of the capital of Honduras, whence he can keep an attacking army in check.

The invading Honduraneans and their Nicaraguan allies under General Ortiz occupy the whole territory in the southwest, but a new development makes them fear to advance. Salvador is said to be massing troops on the frontier of Honduras, and it is difficult to say what attitude President Ezeta will take or whom he will support—Vasquez or Bonilla.

* * * * * * *

Everywhere men are being recruited and commerce and agriculture are in a state of paralysis, every available man being engaged for military service.

The money collected in the last loan is fast disappearing in the necessities of the war, and another forced loan may soon be expected.

It is very difficult to get reliable data from the seat of war, the Government carefully giving out only such information as is favorable.

I beg to remain, etc.,

Lewis Baker.