Mr. Romero to Mr. Gresham.


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to hand you, with reference to my note of March 28 last, being a reply to yours of the preceding day on the subject of the indemnity offered out of equity by the Government of Mexico to Mrs. James M. Baldwin, a copy of a note from Señor Mariscal, secretary of foreign relations of the United States of Mexico, dated in the City of Mexico the 10th instant, by which the terms of the proposition made in the matter by the Government of Mexico to that of the United States of America are explained.

Please accept, etc.,

M. Romero.

Mr. Mariscal to Mr. Romero.

No. 888.]

I have received your note, No. 965, of March 28, with the accompanying copies of the last notes exchanged with the Department of State, in regard to the mode of payment by the Mexican Government of $20,000 to Mrs. Baldwin for her husband’s death, and have noted its contents.

In reply, I have to inform you that the determination to pay $20,000 in Mexican currency is confirmed in the terms expressed in the note of this Department, No. 621, of the 29th of January last.

I renew, etc.,