Mr. Gray to Mr. Gresham.

No. 232.]

Sir: Herewith I have the honor to transmit the application, in duplicate, of August Huguet, of Monterey, Mexico, for a passport. The affiant states that he was born at Houston, Tex., on or about the 25th day of February, 1861; that his father was a naturalized citizen of the United States; that affiant left the United States in September, 1866; that he is temporarily residing at Monterey. His application shows that affiant was only 5 years of age when he left the United States, and I infer that he has resided in Mexico continuously since 1866, and intends to continue to so reside, as he makes no declaration of his intention to return to the United States. Mr. Joaquin Mais, who signs the certificate of identification, I understand to be a prominent and responsible citizen of Monterey, and will qualify to his certificate. I desire, as early as may be convenient to the Department, instructions whether Mr. Huguet’s application is sufficient to entitle him to a passport.

I am, etc.,

Isaac P. Gray.