Mr. Uhl to Mr. Mac Veagh.

No. 18.]

Sir: I have received your dispatch No. 15, of the 10th instant, relative to the extradition of the fugitives Michele Delzoppo and Antonio Rinaldi, with which you transmit a copy of the note of the minister for foreign affairs stating that the Italian Government “could never consent to the delivery in extradition of its subjects.”

Upon receipt of your telegram of the 10th instant, conveying the same information, the Department communicated it to the governor of New York. No further action will be taken in the case without the request of the authorities of that State. It is deemed proper, however, that you should state to the Italian minister for foreign affairs that while this Government will not at this time insist upon its rights under the treaty between the two Governments, it, nevertheless, does not waive such rights nor acquiesce in the view taken by the Government of Italy.

I am, etc.,

Edwin E. Uhl,
Acting Secretary.