Mr. Mac Veagh to Mr. Gresham.

No. 22.]

Sir: Great satisfaction has been expressed in the Italian press over the publication of a telegram from Washington stating that the Government of the United States had shown a disposition to appoint Government officials in the ports of arrival for the purpose of assisting Italian emigrants, and saving them from the clutches of the “padroni,” and that an appropriation from Congress with this object would be asked for.

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Most of the newspapers print short congratulatory paragraphs expressing pleasure that Baron Blanc, minister for foreign affairs, should have so soon succeeded in interesting our authorities in the fate of the Italian emigrant landing in Now York and elsewhere in the United States, and stating that the lamentable New Orleans incident has after all served to call attention to their deplorable condition.

The Tribuna and l’Italie call attention to the fact that the diplomatic relations between the two countries have never been more cordial, and consider the plan not only of political significance, but as surely tending toward immense economic results for the future of Italian immigration.

I am, etc.,

Wayne Mac Veagh.