Mr. Durham to Mr. Gresham

No. 244.]

Sir: I have received application from Stanislas Goutier, esq., our consul at Cape Haitian, to renew for his son, Stanislas Goutier, jr., who is attending school at this capital, a paper which he received from the Honorable Frederick Douglass, formerly minister resident of the United States. I inclose a copy of the paper. While I am sure that the Department would not hesitate to recognize the son of Consul Goutier as an American citizen, I can find no authority for the form of the paper inclosed. I therefore respectfully ask to be instructed by you whether such certificate may be issued by this legation, or what should be done to protect Stanislas Goutier, jr., a minor, during his absence from his home, Cape Haitian.

I have, etc.,

John S. Durham.