Mr. Smythe to Mr. Gresham.

No. 67.]

Sir: I have received your No. 40 of diplomatic series in response to my No. 50 relating to the recent expulsion of certain French subjects from Haiti. I have unofficial information that the matter has been [Page 346] settled, and that the French Government has either acknowledged the right of expulsion or has been satisfied of the justness of the measure. I do not anticipate any action of this kind as against American citizens, because they pursue quietly their avocations and do not show any disposition to meddle with the politics of the country that affords them protection.

I note your instructions as to the rights guaranteed by the convention of 1864, and you may be assured that I will leave nothing undone to secure their strict and literal observance. It would give, however, an incorrect impression to your Department if by this assurance I conveyed or suggested a doubt of the absolute good faith of this Government I observe your instructions, and will promptly report as directed.

I am, etc.,

Henry M. Smythe.