Mr. Adee to Mr. Pringle.

No. 89.]

Sir: I inclose herewith a copy of a petition addressed to the President, the Secretary of State, and the Congress, by citizens of Louisiana, on the general subject of lotteries, and praying among other things that this Government will point out to that of Honduras the proposed attempt of the old Louisiana Lottery Company to establish itself in Honduras. I also include copies of our antilottery statutes, to which reference is made in the petition.

It will be observed that the legislation of the United States in this regard has been framed with a view to its complete efficiency in excluding the circulation of advertisements and notices of foreign lottery schemes, as well as repressing domestic enterprises of that nefarious character.

Should it be true that such an enterprise, made unlawful by our law, is seeking to make use of a foreign territory from which to operate upon our citizens, it would seem to be a subject of which the neighboring and offended State would take notice. It is proper to bring the subject to the notice of the Government of Honduras, through its minister for foreign affairs, in order that it may be advised of the views of the United States and of its legislation in this regard.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.
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[Inclosure in No. 89.]


To the President, Secretary of State, and the Congress of the United States:

The undersigned, your petitioners, citizens of Louisiana, represent that the moral sentiment of the United States has succeeded after many years of struggle in extirpating the gambling business, known as lotteries, from the soil of the Republic; and that in driving it from its last lodgment in the State of Louisiana the aid of the U. S. Government, by acts of Congress and Executive interference, was of paramount importance. It is hereby further shown that, as citizens of Louisiana who have felt the heavy hand of the corrupt and tyrannical corporation known as the Louisiana Lottery Company, we are, perhaps, better aware of the evils resulting from its operation than other communities. It is, therefore, with sorrow that we learn, through its advertisements, that the said lottery proposes merely to change its base to the Republic of Honduras, and still carry on its demoralizing practices against the peace and welfare of the American people.

We, your petitioners, do therefore most earnestly pray the Government of the United States to make effectual the will of the people by excluding all lottery matter from our mails and by prohibiting, under severe penalties, its transportation into our borders, or between the States, by any company, firm, or individual, in any manner whatsoever.

We also pray that our Government will point out to the Government of Honduras this attempt to use the cover of its nationality to violate the laws of a friendly power.

  • J. McConnell.
  • Edgar Howard Farrar.
  • Davis Sessums.
  • B. M. Palmer.
  • Wm. Preston Johnston.
  • F. Janssens.
  • Francis T. Nicholls.
  • Wm. O. Rogers.
  • Brandt V. B. Dixon.
  • J. C. Keener.
  • C. W. Cartep.
  • Jno. B. Elliott.
  • J. C. Morris.
  • R. M. Walmsley.
  • L. M. Finley.
  • Jos. A. Shakspeare.
  • B. M. Harrod.