Mr. Huntington to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: Referring to our letter of the 11th of November last, we again beg to call the attention of the Department to the request contained in the closing paragraph reading:

In view of the fact that this is not the first case on record in which the commanders of our steamers plying on the Central American coast have been called on to deliver to the authorities of the different republics passengers on their steamers (accused of political offenses against said republics), and under their charge and protection of our flag, we would esteem it a favor if some definite action should be taken by the Department, by prompt intervention in this instance, to secure protection in the future for passengers, cargo, and mails carried by our steamers, and that a definite policy be outlined by our Government, and communicated to this company, in order that such instructions may be issued to our commanders as will properly secure the protection of our ships, and prevent any misunderstanding on the part of our officers which might contravene and confuse the wishes of our Government and involve the Department as well as this company in needless complications.

The Department will readily understand that without some such definite indication of the policy of our Government in connection with these cases, it is impossible for us to lay down a fixed rule for the governance of our commanders on the Pacific coast, under which they shall act intelligently in such emergencies.

We trust, therefore, that, in the light of all the facts in connection with this incident now in the possession of the Department, it may be deemed consistent to comply promptly with our request as above indicated.

I have, etc.,

C. P. Huntington, President.