Mr. Alexander to Mr. Gresham.

No. 41.]

Sir: Referring to your dispatches numbered 21 and 23, I have the honor to inform you that a declaration for the reciprocal protection of trade-marks and trade labels has been signed by the Greek minister for foreign affairs, Mr. D. M. Stephanos, and by me.

A convention would have required the ratification of the Boulé (Chamber of Deputies), and, in the present condition of affairs in Greece, there would have been considerable delay in securing such ratification. This declaration, however, being simply an interpretation of our treaty with Greece, goes into effect at once,

I may add that Austria and France have arranged the matter in the same way, and that Great Britain is also preparing a similar declaration.

One copy of the declaration agreed upon to-day (old style, July 9) is submitted herewith, the other copy is filed in the foreign office.

I have, etc.,

E. Alexander.