Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: In Mr. Foster’s note of the 2d of July, 1892, it is stated that when your Government shall have been informed that the water dues charged in the British colony of Grenada on vessels entering the port of St. George have been abrogated the President will issue a proclamation suspending the collection of tonnage dues upon vessels entering the ports of the United States from Grenada.

I now have the honor, in accordance with instructions from the Earl of Rosebery, to inclose copy of an ordinance which has been passed by the legislature of Grenada abolishing the water dues in question, and to express the hope of Her Majesty’s Government that, as the tonnage dues heretofore levied on vessels arriving in Grenada have been abolished by this ordinance, the President will now be pleased to issue his proclamation remitting the tonnage dues on vessels arriving in the ports of the United States from that colony.

I have, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote.

St. George’s water dues abolition ordinance 1893. Sanctioned.

I assent.

Charles Bruce,

15th December, 1893.

Grenada. An ordinance to abolish water dues on vessels entering the port of St. George. (15th December, 1893.)

Be it enacted by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the legislative council of the colony of Grenada.

This ordinance may be cited as “the St. George’s water dues abolition ordinance, 1893.”
This ordinance shall come into operation from and after the publication of the governor’s assent thereto in the Government Gazette.
So much of section 30 of act 191 of 1877, cited as “the St. George’s water supply ordinance, 1877” as imposes a tax or duty of three pence per ton on the registered burden of vessels clearing from the port of St. George, is hereby repealed.
It shall be lawful for the parochial board of St. George, and it is hereby authorized, to charge for the supply of water to all vessels in the port of St. George, except to Her Majesty’s ships of war, the following rate:

For every 100 (hundred) gallons supplied a sum not exceeding 1s. 0d.

Any less quantity than a hundred gallons shall count as a hundred gallons for the purposes of this charge.

M. H. D. Beresford,
Clerk of Councils.