Mr. Tripp to Mr. Gresham.

No. 102.]

Sir: I have the honor of submitting herewith the translation of a note just received from the imperial and royal ministry of foreign affairs of Austria-Hungary, making favorable response to my note of September 20, 1894, in which was presented the earnest request of the United States that Austria-Hungary would, if it had not already done so, adopt regulations similar to those already adopted by the United States, Great Britain, and France for the prevention of collisions at sea, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Marine Congress held at Washington in 1889.

I have, etc.,

Bartlett Tripp.
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[Inclosure in No. 102—Translation.]

The Honorable Bartlett Tripp,
United States Minister at Vienna.

Sir: In the esteemed note of September 17, 1894, No. 66, the honorable envoy of the United States was pleased to submit copy of a proclamation, made by the President of the United States, relating to the adoption of regulations framed by the Congress of August 19, 1890, for preventing collisions at sea, expressing at the same time the desire that Austria-Hungary would also adopt these regulations.

In reply the ministry of foreign affairs now has the honor of informing the honorable envoy that Austria-Hungary is prepared to adopt the regulation in question in so far as it was proposed by England in 1892, and as recently reproduced in the English programme of February, 1894, and that it is intended to let a regulation in conformity therewith take effect on March 1, 1895.

The undersigned avails himself of this opportunity, etc.

For the minister of foreign affairs,