Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: I transmitted to my Government a copy of your note of May 25 last in relation to the revised regulations for preventing collisions at sea, and I have the honor to inform you that I have been instructed by the Earl of Kimberley to state to you with reference to the concluding paragraph of the letter from Mr. Wike, inclosed in your note, that no alteration will be made for the present in the regulations relating to fishing vessels’ lights. The only regulations repealed by the forthcoming British Order in Council will be those contained in Articles i to ix and xi to xxvii, inclusive, of the schedule to the Order in Council of August 11, 1884.

The date of the new Order in Council can not at present be fixed, as the principal maritime powers have not yet signified their acceptance of the regulations.

I have the honor, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote.