Mr. Runyon to Mr. Gresham.

No. 58.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that I have to-day issued a passport to Abraham H. Mausbach, a native American citizen, at present residing temporarily in Luxemburg. The application was made through, and on oath before the vice commercial agent, the only consular officer of the United States there. Inasmuch as Luxemburg is an entirely independent sovereignty, and is not a part of the German Empire, to which I am accredited (nor indeed of any other dominion), and the application was not made from Germany, I have thought it prudent to report my action in the premises the case presenting unusual features, as already appears, and to take the precaution to secure a return of the passport in case my action in granting it (as to the propriety of which, however, I see no room to doubt, otherwise I would not have issued the passport) should not be approved. There is no United States official in Luxemburg, who under the regulations is competent to issue a passport. Had the applicant come into the German Empire and made his application to me either directly or through a consular officer [Page 245] here, no question would have arisen, but I was unwilling under the circumstances to require him to do that, because the reason therefor seemed to me to be unsubstantial.

I have, etc.,

T. Runyon.