Mr. PatenĂ´tre to Mr. Gresham.


Mr. Secretary of State: In informing me through your note of (date omitted) that the United States had accepted the amendments which England desired to see inserted in the regulations prepared by the Maritime Conference of Washington with a view to preventing collisions at sea, you were good enough to acquaint me with the interest that the Federal Government would entertain with respect to bringing about a general agreement among the powers on this subject.

My Government, desirous to meet, as far as it is concerned, the wishes expressed in your communication, instructs me to inform you that from the present time it gives without reservation its definitive adherence to the provisions inserted by (the American) Congress in the act of May 28, 1894, and which reproduce in full the English propositions.

I have the honor at the same time to advise you that the Government of the Republic accepts the date of March 1, 1895, suggested by the London cabinet for carrying these new regulations into effect. Accept, etc.,