Mr. Denby, chargé, to Mr. Gresham.


I have received your cipher telegram. According to the Yamên statement, prefect of Shanghai on the 13th saw in the French concession two Japanese wearing Chinese clothing, and securing arrest by the French consul, plans were found upon them. French consul delivered them to the consul general of the United States, who refused to give them up without definite instructions of legation of the United States. Yamên requested their delivery. I replied I could not act until the U. S. consul-general has reported. The U. S. consul-general telegraphs accused asked for asylum until the case investigated. Was granted with this understanding, that status quo shall be maintained. Accused papers safe. Important principle involved. The rights of China doubted. The U. S. consul-general urges the legation to await written report, expected to arrive to-morrow. I have assured Yamên of impartiality and request delay. On receiving report of U. S. consul-general will telegraph.