No. 66.
Kwong Lun Hing & Co. to Cheng Tsao Ju.


copies of sundry telegrams relative to the treatment of chinese on the pacific coast, communicated by the chinese legation in washington to the department of state.

The Chew Yet Chinese Merchants’ Exchange of San Francisco respectfully represent to your excellency that at the present time no protection is afforded the Chinese merchants in California outside of San Francisco. Chinese have already been driven out of many towns, notably, Bedding, Bloomfield, Boulder Creek, Eureka, and many other places, without any attempt being made by the officials to prevent the same, and threats are now being made to drive them out of nearly all the towns and cities in this State. No protection is afforded the Chinese by the governor of California or the sheriffs of the different counties. Already our business has been seriously injured, as the indebtedness due us from country [Page 157] merchants is very large, and if the Chinese are driven out of all the towns the merchants of San Francisco will be absolutely ruined. We earnestly entreat that you will take such immediate steps as will afford us and our property protection.

Chew Yet Chinese Merchants’ Exchange.

KWONG LUNG HING & CO., President
MAN LEE & CO., Secretary.