No. 443.
Colonel Frey to Mr. Bayard.

Mr. Secretary of State:

The undersigned, minister of the Swiss Confederation, has the honor to present to you, by order of his Government, the annexed note, on which occasion the undersigned takes pleasure in renewing to you, Mr. Secretary of State, the assurances of his high consideration.

[Inclosure in Colonel Frey’s note of June 21, 1886—Translation.]

His Excellency the Secretary of State of the United States:

Excellency: On the 6th of November, 1885, we had the honor to transmit to your excellency a certain number of copies of the “Acts of the second international conference [Page 861] for the protection of literary and artistic works,” which sat at Berne from the 7th to the 18th September, 1885, and at the same time to invite you to be good enough to have yourself represented at a new conference which is to assemble at Berne in September, 1886, in order to sign the convention resulting from the deliberations of the conference of 1885, and thus to transform this convention into a diplomatic instrument.

We have now the honor to inform your excellency that, according to the information we have received, the convention draft has met with a favorable reception. Consequently the meeting of the new conference is fixed for the 6th September, 1886; it will take place at Berne, in the hall of the council of states, at 11 a.m.

We are glad to believe that your Government will participate in it, and with this hope we request your excellency to inform us of the name of your delegate, and to furnish him with the powers necessary to sign the convention.

We avail, &c.,

In the name of the Swiss Federal Council.

The President of the Confederation.