No. 406.
Mr. Curry to Mr. Bayard.


Mr. Curry informs Mr. Bayard that he has authority from the Spanish minister of state to submit certain proposals:

  • Firstly. A suspension of the proclamation until January 1, 1887, unless the two Governments shall effect a satisfactory arrangement before that time.
  • Secondly. Up to that date admission under the third column of the tariff will be accorded to cargoes arriving in the ports of Cuba and Porto Rico in vessels whose owners are American citizens and which come from ports of the United States.
  • Thirdly. Authorization is to be given to the American minister at Madrid to enter into negotiations with the Spanish Government in order, either by a treaty or an agreement, to establish a permanent arrangement of the commercial relations between Spain and the United States on a basis which may prove advantageous to both countries.