No. 397.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Curry.


Mr. Bayard informs Mr. Curry that inasmuch as the Spanish Government has decided, according to Mr. Curry’s telegram of the 6th of October, that it will continue to levy discriminating duties on the products of foreign countries shipped from ports of the United States to the Antilles in American vessels, no other course is left to the President save that of revoking the proclamation of February 14, 1884 5 that the proclamation of revocation bears date October 13, and is to take effect October 25, and that thus reasonable notice will be given.

He at the same time requests Mr. Curry to inform the Spanish minister for foreign affairs of the action taken, and to state to him that the Government of the United States earnestly regrets that the President should, owing to the action of Spain, have been compelled most reluctantly to take this unavoidable decision, and that it is hoped that all discrimination may be prevented by a prompt adjustment, and that thus an end may be put to all unwilling retaliations.