No. 389.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Curry.

Mr. Curry is informed that, according to the report of the United States consul-general at Havana, a telegram has been received by the central administration of Cuba from the Spanish minister of the colonies, which declares that the royal order of 22d of June is in confirmation of that of February, 1884, and that, therefore, only natural products of the United States, shipped directly from American ports and in American vessels to Cuba and Porto Rico, come under the third column of the tariff, but that foreign products, though shipped in American vessels and from ports of the United States, are not included under the said third column. The agreement made with him has, therefore, been nullified.

Mr. Curry is further informed that, according to the United States consul-general’s report, the Spanish authorities in Cuba continue to collect the same tonnage dues as previously, despite the order issued by the intendente, on the 12th of August.