No. 371.
Mr. Buck to Mr. Bayard.

No. 116.]

Sir: After closing the mail last Saturday in which was forwarded my No. 114 of the 4th instant, I received the note of which I inclose a copy and translation, officially announcing the organization of the new Government.

I inclose a copy of my reply delivered at the foreign office yesterday.

Your obedient servant,

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[Inclosure 1 in No. 116.—Translation.]

Mr. Rivas to Mr. Buck.

Mr. Minister: Elected by the unanimous vote of the nation and proclaimed by the Congress, the Citizen General Andres Avelino Cáceres, constitutional President of the Republic. He assumed yesterday the exercise of his functions, and has thought fit to organize his Government as follows: President of the council of ministers and minister of Government, police, and public works, Dr. Pedro Alejandrino del Solar; minister of justice, instruction, religion, and beneficence, Dr. Juan Francisco Pazos; minister of war and marine, Col. Justiniano Borgoño; minister of finance and commerce, Mr. Luis N. Bryce; and of foreign affairs, the undersigned.

In communicating to your excellency these events it is a pleasure for me to manifest that the new National Government will inspire its relations with foreign countries in the good faith and cordiality which the traditional practices of the Republic prescribe, avoiding with a high spirit all that may occasion difficulties contrary to the realization of its intention of inaugurating a period of reform, peace, and work.

Your excellency will please transmit this declaration to your Government, and accept, &c.

[Inclosure 2 in No. 116.]

Mr. Buck to Mr. Révas.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your excellency’s note of yesterday informing me of the succession of General Cáceres to executive power, and the formation of his Cabinet with your excellency in charge of the department of foreign relations.

It will afford me pleasure to transmit a copy of the same to my Government.

It is grateful for me to refer to the friendly action already taken by the President of the United States, as indicated in my note No. 23, of the 27th ultimo, and before announced in my No. 20, of April 28.

It is only necessary to note the frank and cordial words reported as used by President Cleveland in his remarks to the esteemed late minister of Peru at Washington, to make manifest the sympathetic disposition of my country.

I trust the auspicious inauguration of the new administration, under the sanction of the popular will, as expressed in the late elections, is truly the dawn of a happy future for a sister Republic, to which my own country is related by traditions of sincere good will and friendship.

Permit me to tender, &c.