No. 350.
Mr. Bell to Mr. Bayard.

No. 82.]

Sir: The growing trade between this country and the United States in Sumatra tobacco at a time when other industries are tranquil seems a question of so much importance to those connected with the culture of tobacco in the United States, that I have thought it proper to invite your attention to certain features of the trade at a time when measures are likely to be considered by Congress regarding a change in the tobacco tariff.

Tobacco growing or culture as an industry in Sumatra dates from 1865.

There are no figures at hand to show to what extent it was cultivated between the years 1865 and 1876.

During the year 1876 29,000 bales were grown in Sumatra. In 1883 the number of bales had increased to 100,000.

The tobacco is brought from Sumatra to Amsterdam, where it is sold at public auction at stated periods during the year.

The following statement, according to the last consular record, shows the growth of the trade. Sumatra tobacco exported from Amsterdam to the United States as follows:

Quarter ending—
September 30, 1883 $5,789 86
December 31, 1883 32,720 26
March 31.1884 117,625 06
June 30, 1884 437,541 88
September 30, 1884 415,759 47
December 31, 1884 713,767 78
March 31, 1885 290,153 00
June 30, 1885 547,951 00

* * * * * * *

I have, &c.,