No. 320.
Mr. Jackson to Mr. Adee.

The telegraphic summary of the Mexican Government’s reply in the Cutting case shows that it is at present in the state courts, but that the Federal Government has not the power to direct the state officials or the executive of the State of Chihuahua or the judiciary to release the accused, especially where the order interferes with due legal process instituted by a complaining person. In this report it is maintained that Mexico resembles the United States. It is contended that a pressure of private interests or a totally uninformed press in the United States must have induced so imperative a demand for the prisoner’s release, and that it is morally impossible to comply therewith. It is asserted that as the moral influence of the Mexican President has been interposed to have the case conducted in accordance with principles of justice the confidence is expressed that the case will soon be terminated in a satisfactory manner.