No. 313.
Mr. Brigham to Mr. Porter.

No. 46.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that after I had finished my dispatch No. 45, in relation to the Cutting case, 1 received on that day (the 1st of July) a communication from the judge of the court to whom I addressed my note, which purports to be an answer to the same, but, however, without any date.

I inclose herewith a translation of said communication, for the information of the Department.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 46.—Translation.]

Judge Castaneda to Mr. Brigham.

In answer to your favor of this month I have the honor to state to you that all public officers for criminal cases are prohibited by a special law to give any information in regard to the criminal cases that are up before the court to people that have no legal intervention in those cases, the more so when, according to the “International Rights” of Calvo, consuls have no jurisdiction, either civil or criminal, in cases concerning their countrymen. (Book 10, paragraph 490, page 614, volume 1.) All of the above refers to Mr. Cutting, in consequence of which I cannot order his release in any but the forms prescribed by the laws of this country.

I remain, &c.,