No. 267.
Mr. Presson to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: I am requested to forward the inclosed affidavit of Capt. Daniel McDonald of schooner Hereward, of Gloucester, in regard to his detention at Cape Canso, Nova Scotia, July 2.

Very respectfully, &c.,

[Page 519]

Affidavit of Captain McDonald, of the schooner Hereward.

I, Daniel McDonald, master of American schooner Hereward, of Gloucester, do depose and say: That I went into Cape Canso, N. S., with my vessel, on the afternoon of July 2, and went to the custom-house and reported. One of my crew went on shore without authority and failed to return at night; some of the crew thought he had deserted and engaged another man to take his place (all without any authority from me), but he returned the next morning.

The next morning the collector, Mr. Young, came onboard and demanded my papers (charging me with shipping a man). I gave them to him, and he kept them until 10.30 o’clock that eve, when he returned them to me. As I was all ready to sail that morning, it detained the vessel two (2) days in that port, as the next day was Sunday.


Massachusetts, Essex, ss:

Personally appeared D. McDonald, and made oath to the above.

Before me.

Notary Public.