No. 248.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Steele.

Sir: I have to-day received your letter dated the 5th instant, accompanied by the affidavit of the master of the fishing schooner Alice M. Jordan, of Gloucester Mass., alleging the refusal by the collector of customs at the port of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, to allow the entry of said vessel, duly documented as a fishing vessel, with permission to touch and trade at any foreign port or place during her voyage, the object of such entry, as stated by the master of the schooner, being the purchase of certain merchandise.

Although not disclosed by the affidavits, I suppose the merchandise in question was fresh fish for use as bait in deep-sea fishing.

[Page 504]

I have made instant representation, accompanied by earnest protest, to the British minister at this capital, of this unlawful withholding of commercial rights from an American vessel and her owners, and of the loss and damage thereby sustained, for which, as I have informed him, the Government of Great Britain will be held responsible.

I have, &c.,