No. 515.
Mr. Maynard to Mr. Evarts.

No. 255.]

Sir: I have the honor to announce still another change in the high office of Grand Vizier.

Last night the imperial hatt was published at the Porte, proclaiming [Page 886] His Highness Safvet Pasha, now and for a long time past minister of foreign affairs, Grand Vizier, in place of His Highness Mehemet Buchdi Pasha who had held the office just one week.

Phosphor Mustapha Pasha is appointed minister of war in place of His Highness Mahmond Dam ad Pasha, who received the office ten days ago.

There is apparently little significance to be attached to these changes beyond the distracted condition of the Ottoman Government.

The caution and prudence of the new Grand Vizier will be more likely to prevent mischief than to suggest remedies.

I am, & c.,