No. 462.
Mr. Reed to Mr. Evarts.

No. 8.]

Sir: The Gaceta of this morning publishes a law fixing the permanent force of the army in the Peninsula for the economical year of 1878 to 1879 at 100,000 men.

By this law, a copy and translation of which are hereto annexed, you will observe that the army in the island of Cuba is to be of such force as shall be deemed necessary to complete the pacification of the island.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 8.—Translation.]

Law fixing the permanent force in the army.

Don Alfonso XII, by the grace of God, constitutional King of Spain. To all whom the present may concern:

Know that the Còrtes have decreed and we sanctioned the following:

  • Article 1. The force of the permanent army of the Peninsula for the economical year of 1878–1879 is fixed at 100,000.
  • Art. 2. The force of the army of the island of Cuba shall be that which may be considered necessary in order to complete the pacification of the said Antilla. That of the armies of Porto Rico and Philippine Islands for the next economical year shall consist of 3,751 and 10,475 men respectively.

Therefore we command all the tribunals, justices, chiefs, governors, and other authorities, civil as well as military and ecclesiastic of any class or dignity, to keep and cause to be kept, to fulfill and execute the present law in all its parts.

I, the King.
The minister of war.