No. 413.
Mr. Gibbs to Mr. Evarts.

No. 222.]

Sir: Referring to your dispatch No. 80, of September 28 last, received at the legation by Mr. Stuart, during my absence, I have the honor to [Page 721] inform you that I gave instructions to Mr. Stuart to open the dispatches from the department, and in case of anything important, or urgent, to be communicated to this government, to take a copy of the dispatch and place it in the hands of Mr. Godoy, the minister from Chili, and dean of the diplomatic corps, to be transmitted to the minister of foreign affairs.

As the dispatch referred to was received four days after my departure, and some time might elapse previous to my return, Mr. Stuart deemed it necessary to act on my instructions, and sent a copy to Mr. Godoy, which was delivered by him to the minister of foreign affairs.

I have now the honor to state that the Peruvian Government has sent me a note in answer to the above-mentioned dispatch, of which I inclose copy and translation.

Mr. Rospigliosi, minister of foreign affairs, unofficially informed me that it was the intention of the Peruvian Government to send a person as minister plenipotentiary who was thoroughly acquainted with the English language.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 222.—Translation.]

Mr. Rospigliosi to Mr. Gibbs.

No. 5.]

Sir: Opportunely I had the honor of receiving the communication addressed to this bureau from the legation of the United States of America in China, referring to the conveniency that Peru should appoint a commission of two young Peruvians to learn the Chinese language, which might in the future serve the interests of this republic.

In answer I am pleased to inform your excellency that my government esteems in a high degree the idea initiated by the representative of the United States in China, and in virtue of which will occupy itself in preference to this object.

I improve this opportunity to reiterate, &c.