No. 306.
Mr. Bingham to Mr. Evarts.

No. 679.]

Sir: On yesterday, the 30th ultimo, I had the honor to present to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan Rear-Admiral T. H. Patterson, United States Navy, commanding the United States naval force on the Asiatic station, and also his suite of eleven officers of the United States Navy, viz, Capt. J. Young, chief of staff; Commander R. Boyd, commanding United States steamer Alert; Fleet Engineer C. H. Loring, Fleet Surgeon D. Kindleberger, Fleet Paymaster D. A. Smith, Lieut. R. Wainwright, principal aid; Lieut. R. G. Davenport, aid; Fleet Secretary O. G. Sawyer, Lieut. W. S. Cowles, Lieut. W. W. Kimball, and Midshipman George C. Foulk, aid.

His Majesty most graciously received the rear-admiral and the gentlemen who accompanied him, and addressing them, His Majesty was pleased to say “that he was gratified to see them, and that he hoped they would enjoy a comfortable sojourn in the empire.” The rear-admiral responded to His Majesty in a fitting and appropriate address, a copy of which I have the honor to inclose.

His Majesty having also addressed words of congratulation to me, I deemed it proper to thank His Majesty, as I did, for the distinguished consideration shown to my Government and its officers.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 679.]

Address of Admiral Patterson on the occasion of his reception by the Emperor.

It is very gratifying to have the honor of this presentation to His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Japan, and the privilege of expressing in person the good wishes entertained by myself and all under my command for the welfare of His Majesty and his people.

The President of the United States will learn with pleasure, through the medium of the envoy extraordinary and the minister plenipotentiary of the United States near His Majesty’s court, that the friendly audience has been extended to myself and suite.