332. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Mexico 1

175252. Subject: Poverty Marchers Call at Mexican Embassy.

Mexican-American contingent poverty march requested and received appointment with Mexican Ambassador 11 a.m. June 3. An orderly group of approximately 50 Mexican-Americans, American Indians and Negroes arrived at the Embassy and were admitted under a watchful eye of discreet special police detail. Ambassador received delegation of approximately fifteen persons including only those of Mexican origin since he stated other representatives could have no issues to raise with the Mexican Government. Group leader Reies Lopez Tijerina presented document soliciting GOM support for Mexican-American land claims based on contention Treaty Guadalupe-Hidalgo illegal or improperly executed.2
Embassy informed Department that interview was entirely cordial, Ambassador limited comments to greeting visitors and receiving memorandum.
As Embassy may be aware Department has previously stated that Lopez Tijerina’s arguments involving Treaty Guadalupe-Hidalgo are without merit and that land claims are issues for US courts.
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Records of the Department of State, Central Files, 1967–69, SOC 14 US. Unclassified; Priority. Drafted by Maxwell Chaplin (ARA/MEX), cleared by Lieblich (L/ARA), and approved by Chaplin.
  2. See footnote 4, Document 330.