185. Circular Airgram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Austria1



  • U.S. Policy Toward the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC); Contact of Embassy Officers with the OPEC Secretariat


  • Depts CA–386, July 10, 1963;2 CA–1436, Aug. 5, 1963;3 Geneva’s A–43, July 19, 19634

The referenced airgrams (copies attached)5 state the policy of the USG in respect of the OPEC and communications by US Reps with that organization. These are forwarded for the guidance of the Embassy now that the OPEC is headquartered in Vienna.

The US–UK policy of neutrality and non-commitment towards OPEC detailed in CA–386 (paragraph 8) has not prevented the OPEC from obtaining recognition from international organizations, specifically the ECOSOC and UNCTAD, and Austria has granted diplomatic status to the organization and its personnel. In light of these and other successes by the OPEC, the USG intends to review the present policy towards the OPEC and consider if some other policy towards the organization might more usefully serve U.S. interests. Comments from Embassy Vienna and other addressees regarding U.S. policy towards the OPEC are welcomed. Until further notice, however, the policy detailed in the referenced communications continues in effect.

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