126. Memorandum From the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Agency (McKee) to Vice President Humphrey 1


  • Establishment of National Urgency Position for United States Supersonic Transport Program

The establishment of the United States Supersonic Transport Program as one of the highest national urgency is considered necessary at this time if the United States is to maintain a reasonable international competitive position.

The maintenance of test and prototype construction schedules require the provision of the DX industrial priority rating in the following critical areas:

Shortage category test facilities
Long lead time numerically controlled and shortage category machine tools
The processing of requirements for standard machine tools through the Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
Material procurement
Forgings and extrusions

The total SST Program through the planned delivery and flight test evaluation of two prototype aircraft represents an estimated expenditure of $1.3 billion through 1970.

In accordance with existing procedures, the Federal Aviation Agency has coordinated this request with the Secretary of Defense and has received his indication of favorable support.

Favorable consideration by the National Aeronautics and Space Council and your subsequent recommendation to the President, as Chairman, is most respectfully requested.

William F. McKee
  1. Source: Department of State,SCI Files: Lot 68 D 383. No classification marking.