396.1 GE/7–1954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State

top secret

Secto 676. Repeated information Moscow 8. For the Secretary from the Under Secretary. As I mentioned on the telephone today, Mendes-France told me that during his first dinner with him, Molotov had made two very brief references to Europe, simply saying that it was necessary to “strengthen peace in Europe too”, and when Indochina settlement was complete might be possible to exploit the atmosphere that would exist for “bringing peace in Europe”.

Mendes said that he had replied when the Indochina affair was settled he would be pleased to hear what Molotov had to say and report to his government. However, he was not prepared to discuss Europe now, as he was concentrating on the Indochina problem, and he was young and uninformed on many aspects of the European problems, and was therefore in no position to discuss them. Mendes said that although he had expected there would be effort to link Indochina with Europe, since then Molotov had never mentioned Europe and subject had not come up in any way during negotiations here.

However, yesterday during private luncheon between Joxe (French Ambassador to Moscow) and Vinogradov (Soviet Ambassador in Paris), latter had said that before leaving Geneva Molotov would be glad to have a good talk with Mendes concerning European affairs. [Page 1467]When Joxe had replied that Mendes was concentrating completely on Indochina problem, Vinogradov said that talk could take place after the signature of Indochinese agreements.

Mendes said that it was clear enough that Molotov will invite him discuss European problem, and it is his intention to listen and report to his government. He promised that US will be kept informed. He intimated that today’s AFP reports on the 4-power meeting on Europe in Stockholm in the fall were inspired by Communist sources. Mendes said that if such a talk with Molotov took place he was very anxious to have the gesture of western unity on Europe before leaving Geneva and suggested that there might be a meeting between Eden, himself and myself in connection with his conversation with Molotov if one was held so as to make clear that he was not dealing bilaterally with Molotov on Europe.