396.1 GE/7–1954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 668. Repeated information Paris 102, Saigon 71. French delegate has given us copy of draft of unilateral declaration of Governments of Laos and Cambodia which these governments have accepted. Draft also given Viet Minh and Chinese Communists but their reaction not yet received. Unofficial translation follows:

“The Government of (Laos, Cambodia) is resolved never to take part in an aggressive policy and never to permit the territory of (Laos, Cambodia) to be used in the service of such a policy.

“The Government of (Laos, Cambodia) will never join in any agreement with other states if this agreement carried with it for (Laos, Cambodia) the obligation of establishing bases for military forces of foreign powers on the territory of (Laos, Cambodia) as long as (Laos, Cambodia) is not attacked or exposed to threat of attack.

“The Government of (Laos, Cambodia) is resolved to settle its international differences by pacific means in such a manner that peace and international security as well as justice will not be endangered. During the period between the date of cessation of hostilities in Vietnam and that of definitive settlement of the political problems in that country, the Government of (Laos, Cambodia) will not solicit foreign aid in matériel or personnel or instructors other than within the limits defined above and in the framework of a strictly defensive policy which it intends to apply in the future as it has always done in the past.”