396.1 GE/7–1954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State

top secret

Secto 666. For the Secretary from the Under Secretary. The outlines of international control now clearly emerge. Composition will probably be Poland, India, and Canada or Belgium. The French prefer Belgium and so do I. Both Poland and Canada or Belgium will have veto on important questions. Commission will have full freedom of movement in demilitarized zones which will separate forces at each stage of regrouping and in all frontier and seacoast areas.

Taking everything into consideration, I strongly feel this is satisfactory and much better than we were able to obtain in Korea. French [Page 1456]feel, and Eden and I agree, that with such composition built-in veto will work to our advantage. This setup is best French or anybody else could get, and I feel it is within spirit of point 7.1

  1. Point 7 of the U.S.-U.K. communication to the French, contained in telegram 4853 to Paris, June 28, p. 1256, read: “7. Provides effective machinery for international supervision of the agreement.”