396.1 GE/7–1354: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State

top secret

Secto 597. Sent Paris niact 47. Following is unofficial translation of draft declaration prepared by French delegation and circulated informally today and yesterday to other delegations for their comments and suggestions (Secto 5981). Declaration would be issued by conference as part of its final proceedings.

“The conference takes note of the agreements which end the hostilities in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and which organize the international control of the implementation of the provisions of these agreements.

“The conference is happy to see peace reestablished in Cambodia and Laos, which countries having recovered their territorial integrity henceforth will be able to assume, without hinderance, in full independence and sovereignty, their role in the peaceful community of nations.

“The conference notes the statements made by the Governments of Cambodia and Laos concerning their intention to proceed to free general elections with a secret ballot and to adopt measures permitting all citizens to take their place in the national community. The conference also takes note of the statements of these governments by which they undertake to limit their armed forces strictly to the level required by the needs of the defense of their territory.

“The conference declares that the agreement concerning Vietnam has as its essential goal the settlement of military questions in order to put an end to hostilities but does not prejudge the solution of other problems related to the definitive restoration of peace in Vietnam.

“The conference declares that a settlement of these problems must be made on the basis of respect for the principles of independence of the unity and of the territorial integrity of Vietnam. This settlement will have to permit the Vietnamese people to enjoy the fundamental liberties guaranteed by democratic institutions formed following free elections by secret ballot which will take place under international control, when, in the opinion of the competent representative authorities, the restoration of peace in the country has made sufficient progress and all the necessary conditions will be present in order to permit free expression of the national will. The provisions of the agreements on the cessation of hostilities which are meant to assure the protection of persons and of possessions will have to be applied in the most strict [Page 1356] manner and particularly to permit each person, in Vietnam, to decide freely the zone in which he wishes to live.

“In their relations with Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, each member of the Geneva conference undertakes to respect the independence, the unity, and the integrity of the states concerned and to refrain from any interference in their internal affairs.

“The conference takes note of the statements by the Government of the French Republic on its resolve to conform to the decisions of the representative authorities in the three states concerning the presence of its troops in the territory of these states.

“The members of the conference agree to consult among themselves on any question which is submitted to them by the International Control Commissions in order to study the measures which might appear necessary to assure respect for the agreements on cessation of hostilities in Indochina.”

  1. Dated July 13, p. 1346.