751G.00/6–2554: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation 1


Tosec 479. Reference Secto 5102 and 513.3 Preliminary oral reply should be made to Cambodian Foreign Minister along lines stated below. He may be informed that formal reply to his letter will [Page 1247] be made promptly when Washington has had opportunity for full consideration.

We hope Cambodians will continue to press for withdrawal of Vietminh forces from Cambodia.
Our view is Cambodians should insist during negotiations that Cambodia is member of French Union and accordingly French military personnel are not to be considered foreign. Suggest they continue reaffirm their right as sovereign government to employ anyone they wish.
We would be willing furnish military training mission if French did not do so.
We would be willing continue furnish arms and equipment on request Cambodian Government,
You should also inform Cambodians that we are impressed and heartened by their clear understanding of the Communist motives and their rejection of them. Such steadfastness is the quality which must characterize any effective collective resistance to the further spread of Communist aggression. With reference to their queries about the SEA pact you should say that we are convinced of its utility in the present situation and are doing our best to bring it into being by obtaining the necessary support in the free world. We cannot yet say what precise form it would take, what facilities it would require, or what its scope would be, but we would hope that Cambodia would be a part of it.

You should also refer to Cambodian statements mentioned in Secto 5164 and indicate that we would expect that no restrictions would be accepted which made it difficult or impossible for us to aid Cambodia in future.

We shall comment later on Secto 516, which should not enter into your discussion with Cambodians at this time, except as above noted.

  1. Drafted by Sturm of FE/PSA and Gullion of S/P. Repeated to Paris as telegram 4810, to Saigon as telegram 2721, and to Phnom Penh as telegram 81.
  2. Dated June 23, p. 1227.
  3. Dated June 23, p. 1231.
  4. Dated June 24, p. 1234.