Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 285

Memorandum by the Adviser to the United States Delegation (Bonsal) to the Head of the Delegation (Smith)



  • Meeting of the Six this morning.
M. Chauvel informed us that no one has so far indicated a desire to speak at the plenary this afternoon. Mr. Eden is ready with some remarks commenting on Chou En-lai’s speech to the general effect that it represents in fact a step backward from points of agreement previously reached. The Cambodians are ready to make a few remarks on their particular problem. It was generally agreed of course that Mr. Molotov, Mr. Chou En-lai and Mr. Dong would probably have something to say although they have not yet indicated their intention to do so.
With regard to future plans, M. Chauvel indicated the desirability of proposing that the conference return to restricted sessions for the purpose of continuing the discussions of unagreed points relative to military matters and also of giving special attention to the problems of Cambodia and Laos. Mr. Eden will take this idea under advisement and may propose it this afternoon.
It was brought out that the Six are in full agreement that we should reject, at the present stage of our discussion of the conditions for a cessation of hostilities, any proposal for an early discussion of political questions.