110.11 DU/6–354: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Dulte 147. Repeated information Seoul 111. Molotov asked for Korean plenary tomorrow saying North Koreans wanted to speak and Indochina plenary Saturday.1 After discussion with Bidault who feared Communist efforts at Indochina plenary influence Tuesday’s Assembly debate, Eden proposed Molotov agree to Korean plenary Saturday, possibility Korean restricted Monday and Indochina plenary Tuesday.

With respect to Korea, there have been two developments.

I understand Menon has returned to Geneva, although he has not yet asked to see me.
Eden says he has had hint from British left wing sources in touch with North Koreans that next meeting North Koreans will probably “touch their hat to the United Nations”. It is our guess that they may present proposal somewhat along the lines of Eden’s points (see Secto 3632). My opinion, Eden’s points probably framed by Menon, who may have induced North Koreans present something along these lines which will have considerable appeal for some members sixteen.
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We are holding meeting of sixteen Friday morning and will make every effort influence them hold the line. At meeting sixteen we will propose restricted meeting seven for Monday at which we would squarely put up to Communists, issue of United Nations authority. If they reject, we would plan final plenary sometime next week with speeches from our side in support of United Nations principle, and authority in Korea along lines Tedul 145.3 This, of course, may be subject to change in light of whatever success North Korean presentation may have in dividing and confusing sixteen.

I have told Eden that his points are entirely unacceptable to us and he seems to have accepted position set forth Tedul 145.

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