396.1 GE/6–354: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State

top secret

Dulte 143. For Secretary from Smith. Our messages cross rather often. Believe this summary will help to clarify:

a. Tedul 145.1

I did not reply directly to Tedul 145 because I accepted this as your instruction, in which, incidentally, we concur unanimously. We assumed [Page 340] Tosec 3212 to approve the tactical line suggested in Dulte 137, and have proceeded accordingly.

We are lining up 16 and they will meet tomorrow. Most will accept the Secretary’s view as indicated in Tedul 145, and others will go along, although British are still covertly shopping around with Eden’s “points of agreement” covered in our Secto 363,3 which I have rejected and persuaded Bidault to reject, although as stated in previous message he would like to salvage a little of it. Most of the 16 will want one restricted session on Korea for sake of appearances, and this may take place Monday.4 We expect to restrict discussion to basic issue covered in your Tedul 145 and to make this the real breaking issue. The Korean plenary which follows will have to come later in the week, as some of the 16 will wish to consult their governments.

[Here follows the remainder of the message which dealt with Indochina; for text, see page 1014.]

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