396.1 GE/5–1754: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


84. Repeated information Department Secto 239, Tokyo 67. Tokyo pass CINCUNC. Following is text ROK 14 point draft proposal for establishment united independent democratic Korea given us by Pyun Saturday. (See Secto 222 sent Seoul 82.1)

With view to establishing united, independent and democratic Korea, free elections shall be carried out under UN supervision in accordance with previous UN resolutions thereanent.
Free elections shall be held in North Korea which has not been accessible to such elections and in South Korea also, provided that majority of the people residing in South Korea wish them.
Elections shall be held within 6 months from adoption of this proposal.
Before, during and after elections, UN personnel connected with supervision of elections shall have full freedoms of movement, speech, etc. to observe and help create conditions of free atmosphere throughout entire area for election. Local authorities shall give them all possible facilities.
Before, during and after elections candidates, their campaigners and their families shall enjoy full freedom of movement, speech, etc. and other human rights such as are recognized and protected in democratic countries.
Elections shall be conducted on the basis of secret ballot and universal adult suffrage.
Representation in all-Korea legislature shall be in direct proportion to population of entire Korea.
With view to apportioning numbers of representatives in exact proportion to populations in election areas, census shall be taken under UN supervision.
All Korea legislature shall be convened in Seoul immediately after elections.
Following questions, among others, shall be left to enactments of all Korea legislature:
Whether president of unified Korean Government should be newly elected or not;
Concerning amendments of existing constitution of ROK;
Concerning disbandment of military units.
Existing constitution of ROK shall remain effective until it is amended by all Korean legislature.
Communist Chinese troops shall complete withdrawal from Korea one month in advance of election date.
Phased withdrawal of UN forces from Korea may start before elections, but must not complete (sic) before effective control over entire Korea be achieved by unified government of Korea and certified by UN.
Integrity and independence of unified, independent and democratic Korea shall be guaranteed by UN.
  1. Dated May 15, p. 273.