396.1 GE/5–1754: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


83. Repeated information Department Secto 238 Tokyo 66. Tokyo pass CINCUNC. Department pass Defense.

Afternoon May 17 Young at Robertson’s request met with Pyun and ROK delegation sound them out on making revision, more acceptable to ROK, re language on withdrawal of foreign forces in basic proposal (Secto 2001). Young suggested deleting paragraph V and adding language at end paragraph I such as “and with subsequent agreement on withdrawals foreign forces and such disposition of domestic forces as will ensure non-intimidation of the electorate”. Also suggested as alternate following two sentences added end paragraph I: “The holding of full elections will necessitate agreement on withdrawals of foreign forces and such disposition of domestic forces as will ensure non-intimidation of the electorate. Specific arrangements in regard to these forces shall be agreed upon as soon as all parties accept these principles.” Language based on paragraph 2 of Tedul 52 repeated Seoul 907, Tokyo 2481.2
ROK delegation rejected suggestions as well as paragraph V language. Pyun reiterated ROKs opposed to “ambiguity” on withdrawal question. They insist on explicit provision for complete withdrawal Chinese Communist forces prior elections (see Secto 211, repeated Seoul 78 Tokyo 613). Pyun said his instructions and ROK position so firm on this point he is not free to suggest modifications to Rhee.

Pyun said he has about decided at end of week or early next week ask for plenary session present 14-point proposal showed us Saturday afternoon (Secto 222 repeated Seoul 82 Tokyo 644). He and ROK delegation believe ROK must now in plenary make explicit demand [Page 278] on Chinese Communist withdrawal question as well as enumerate various points on UN supervision and free elections.

Young pointed out such action by Pyun would be contrary charter of 16 to committee of 9 to formulate general principles and understanding among 14 as well as committee of 9 US and ROK presently engaged in such endeavor. Pyun replied if committee of 9 agrees on set of principles such as US has submitted to ROK, his delegation would disassociate itself completely and publicly, and he would be even more inclined proceed with plenary speech giving his proposal.

Pyun and ROK delegation objected strongly any reference to “disposition domestic forces” and insisted that no reference be made to this idea in any draft on withdrawal question. They said it would put ROK forces on par with North Korean forces and would open door for Communists demand dissolution ROK forces.
Pyun has received no word from Rhee regarding draft basic proposal, and specifically on generalized language concerning withdrawal foreign forces. Obvious Pyun’s reactions on this question based on unchanged instructions. Stumbling block for us with ROK delegation would accept proposal general elections if conditioned on prior withdrawal Chinese Communist forces.
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