795.00/5–1454: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Korea1


923. Geneva’s Secto 200 sent Seoul 74 Tokyo 58.2 Seoul’s 1178 sent Geneva 81 Tokyo 698.3 Tokyo pass CINCUNC. Department assumes Secto 200 represents U.S. delegation’s considered judgment minimum necessary get unanimous consent of 16. Therefore hope Dean can persuade Rhee go along with it.

Possible modification which might help with President Rhee without disturbing rest of 16 too greatly would be add at end first sentence paragraph 3 of proposal, “after UN commission has determined conditions existing in Korea make possible genuinely free elections.”

It could be explained to Rhee “conditions” include problem north Korean forces and UN commission thus given power defer elections until some satisfactory solution reached

Another possibility which would provide further safeguard would be modify paragraph 5 to read “Specific arrangements for withdrawal from Korea of non-Korean forces shall be agreed upon by parties accepting these principles, and withdrawal shall be observed, etc.”. This would ensure ROK participation in consideration specific arrangements and might also help emphasize any discussion withdrawal must come after acceptance principles in earlier paragraphs.

[Page 270]

Do not wish confuse issue with drafting changes. Clearly if Rhee will accept principles as given Secto 200 there need be no further changes. However changes suggested above may be useful if Rhee has difficulty with Plan in Secto 200. Geneva comment directly Seoul if considered necessary.

  1. Also sent to Geneva priority as telegram Tosec 164 and repeated to Tokyo for information as telegram 2532.
  2. Dated May 13, p. 264.
  3. Supra.