396.1 GE/5–554: Telegram

RobertsonPyun Meeting, Geneva, May 5, Morning: The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


42. Repeated information Department Secto 107. Seoul for Briggs and Dean. Secto 101 (Seoul 39).1 Wednesday morning Robertson and Young had satisfactory meeting with Pyun, Yang and Limb on draft proposal. As result these discussions following changes made in draft proposal contained Secto 72 (Seoul 32).2 Pyun emphasized these changes and proposal as a whole discussed on ad referendum basis as he required new instructions from Rhee in order accept draft proposal. Pyun will probably telegraph Rhee separately re proposal, referring to changes transmitted this telegram. Pyun requested US send these changes soon as possible Seoul for Rhee and suggested that Rhee might be more likely accept draft proposal if he had these changes suggested by ROK delegation.

In paragraph II A insert “six” before “months” and delete words “the President and”. (Comment: Pyun urged that question of Presidential election be left to all-Korean National Assembly when convened.)
Add to paragraph II B “in accordance with a census observed and certified by UNCURK”. (Comment: Pyun stressed importance having accurate census of North Korean population for purpose determining election districts.)
In paragraph III A insert in first sentence following “convened” words “in Seoul”.
In paragraph V delete from first sentence words “, and countries neighboring Korea,” and delete sentence beginning “the countries bordering on Korea”. (Comment: Pyun objected to deleted phrase as possibly applying to Japan and expressed view necessary countries covered by immediately preceding language. He expressed fear provision for working out security arrangements between unified Korea and bordering countries would only lead to interference in internal affairs by China and the USSR. Pyun vehemently opposed idea of demilitarized zone along Korean border and indicated Rhee felt same way.)

As result discussions within US delegation following changes made in draft proposal before discussion with ROK delegation.

In preamble insert “and in recognition of right of Korean people to determine through genuinely free elections form and composition of their government,” following first clause.
In paragraph I first sentence insert “genuinely” before “free elections”.
In paragraph I change “in manner set forth below” to “in manner provided below”.
In paragraph II D delete “in Korea”.
In paragraph II E replace second sentence with “this commission should insure that safeguards for conditions of genuine freedom are observed before, during and after elections and that elections are properly conducted”.
In paragraph III A insert at end of first sentence “of ROK”.
In paragraph III B delete “of ROK”.
In paragraph V delete last sentence. (Comment: Legal adviser stated such provision unnecessary since ROK state continues and language could create difficulties.)
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